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Think outside of the box, but how? Here is an example: Cut a cake into eight slices but you have to make no more than three cuts. Most people will have trouble coming up with a way to cut the cake. But to solve this, you have to change the way you look at the cake and how to cut it. One perfect solution is to cut the cake into two equal sizes and put the other half on top of the other. Cut it again in half then stack the other half pieces on top of one another and cut them again. There you go, that is thinking out of the box the Home Theatre Guy's way.

About Us

M R Rajesh : The Home theatre Guy

M R Rajesh, known as the Home Theatre guy in the Chennai circle, was with Sony Singapore for many years, in the Sony Customer Service Department for few years and later moved to the equipment engneering and automation at Sony Precision Engeneering Corporation Singapore

Mr Rajesh Acquired most of his skills at Sony being directly trained by the Japanese.Having a great interest in sound and acoustics from childhood, he embarked on a journey of discovery. Soon he found himself immersed in the nuances of electronics and electrical components.

After mastering the art, he focussed his energies into the field of sound engineering and acoustics. Currently, he runs a successful Home Theatre and sound solutions business in Chennai with 14 years of experience. His patrons range from celebrities to top-notch CEOs. Shoot a mail to the Home Theatre Expert for a customized consultation at: rajesh122@gmail.com